Fast, friendly, and dependable! Will definitely call Chuck's the next time I need roadside assistance or a tow!



Big thanks to Chucks Towing and Chad for the prompt service when I lost my water pump on my Semi tractor trailer combo. They came out picked me and my son up, got us to the shop fast enough that I was only down one day of work. In this business that's big money. Their service is second to none and they truly care about the business their customers need to tend to. As far as my business is concerned there is only one to call.....Chucks



These guys went out of their way to stop and help me put on my spare tire because my factory jack wasn't working and they did it for free.



A True Classic Friendly American Service - 5 stars and 2 thumbs way up!!!


I have always seen Chuck's trucks around town towing all sorts of cars. Until today I have never needed a tow. My mustang had some fuel issues today and one of Chuck's Flatbeds drove by on the interstate and the driver turned around to see if he could help. The driver promptly introduced himself as Jason and got right to lowering the bed. With my car being lowered it couldn't get on the flatbed without hitting and Jason took the time to get some blocks of wood to put down so my car could be loaded scratch free. From the time he saw me on the side of the road he managed to turn around twice to get back to me and load my car and chain it down in under 15 minutes. He even drove slow so the people following me could keep up through the lights. He said he would take my car all the way home for me which was about another 30 miles out.

Chuck's took my car 30 miles on a flatbed for about half of the price that another company charged my girlfriend to tow her car with a regular wrecker about 8 miles.

Jason was telling me about his day which had began at 8 AM that morning as we drove to my garage and as he dropped my car off at 7 PM to head back home, I thanked him for his troubles and kindness and for actually stopping beings that it had to be the end of his shift. He replied like he just won the lottery.

I just came back inside from fixing the fuel issues now and she'll be back on the road tomorrow, hopefully all day, but if not, I won't hesitate to call Chuck's.


Thanks again for a great first towing experience!



I guess it's true what they say "If you're stuck call Chuck"! They have hands down the best services central Illinois has to offer. They have towed multiple vehicles for me and have always been friendly and professional.



If you need a tow, Chuck's is the place to go! Will always call Chuck's and recommend them to anyone needing a tow or recovery service! Thank you again Rick and Carol!



Thanks Jason for the fast service. My daughter and I enjoyed talking with you on the way home!



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